Welcome to Waterloo Region’s inaugural BOOKFEST!

Who? Dozens of local authors who write across multiple genres from non-fiction to fiction.

When? Wednesday August 31st, 5-9 pm

Where? Waterloo Public Square

Why? To discover new reads and listen to live readings!

Books bring people together and help us grow and learn more about ourselves and our community, so we invite you to come out and support our local authors!

Our authors in alphabetical order. To find out more about each one, please visit our local writers page.

Daryl J. Ball – Facebook Twitter Instagram
Chris Banks – Website
Erin Bow – Twitter Facebook Instagram 
Nicole Brewer – Twitter Instagram
Bill Brubacher – Website
April Bulmer – Facebook
Julene Butler – Twitter Instagram
Angela Charles – Facebook or Facebook 
Cheryl M. Charles – Instagram
Suzanne Church – Facebook Instagram Twitter
Ian Darling – Facebook 
Lauren Dawn Davidson – Website
Alison Fishburn – Website
Lesley Forbes – Website 
Zahra Habib – Twitter 
Jennifer Harris – Twitter Instagram
Jessi Joan – Instagram
Mark Leslie – Instagram Twitter
Sheryl Loeffler – Facebook
Tanis MacDonald – Twitter Instagram
Tanya MacIntyre – Facebook Instagram
Katie Mack – Twitter
Sanja Markovski – Instagram
Diane & Alex Matyas – Facebook Instagram Twitter
Jane Ann McLachlan – Facebook 
Ardin Patterson – Instagram TikTok Twitter
Howard Pell – Instagram 
Mariam Pirbhai –  Facebook Instagram  
Lindsey-Anne Pontes – Instagram Facebook Twitter
Elle Renee – Instagram Facebook
Vanessa Ricci-Thode – Instagram Twitter
Marion Roes – Twitter
Maria Sayde Hraiki – Instagram Twitter
Russell Scott – Facebook
Susan Scott – Website
Richard Stephens – Facebook Instagram Twitter  
Sarah Tolmie – Website
Caroline Topperman – Instagram Twitter Facebook
Jessica Vitalis – Twitter
Carolyn Wilker – Facebook Twitter
Jennifer Willcock – Twitter Instagram Facebook
Lori Wolf-Heffner – Twitter Instagram

The New Quarterly – Instagram Twitter Facebook

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