Visual Writing Prompt

Welcome to this week’s writing prompt. Today there are no rules. You can sit on this email for a bit and think about it or you can simply start writing whatever comes to mind. Don’t be hard on yourself and be confident in your writing. There is no right or wrong answer and best of all, you are not being graded. If you are feeling daring, however, send us what you wrote (yes it can be short)! 

The city of lights. You fell asleep in your cozy warm bed only to wake up in Paris.
How did you get here? Is this real? After your initial freak out what are you going to do? 


Published by caroline

I hold a degree in screenwriting and I am currently working as a blogger and writer. I have worked in many industries including fashion, fitness and beauty. From owning a Pilates studio which was frequented by professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities to working with international fashion brands, I feel like I’ve done it all and I’m lucky to be able to draw on all of these rich experiences when it comes to my writing. My book, Tell Me What You See visual writing prompts for the wandering writer is is the fresh perspective writers and creatives have been looking for. As writers, we are always encouraged to show not tell and these exercises will teach participants how to see the world around them and examine the descriptive details in their own writing. I am currently working on a family memoir as well as a book of short stories based on my travels.

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